Jitka Svobodová: Beyond the Edge of the Visible

Apr. 14, 2023 - Aug. 20, 2023
Prague City Gallery, Mariánské nám. 98/1, Old Town, Prague, 110 00 Curator: Helena MusilováText by: Jitka Svobodová

We are preparing the first retrospective exhibition of the legendary artist Jitka Svobodová, which will take place in one of the most attractive exhibition halls in the Czech Republic. Her life’s work could be characterised by a few terms – drawing, object, sensibility, quintessence, concentration and time. Each of these summarises a huge number of messages and possible interpretations.

In the first half of the 1970s, the artist decided to move away from painting and focus on drawing. Through this medium, in her 2D and 3D works she touched upon fundamental issues related to both creation itself and the process of knowledge.

The forthcoming exhibition for the space of the Municipal Library, as well as the printed guide to the exhibition, will summarise all the important approaches of Jitka Svobodová’s work to date and indicate the starting points of her future art. That is, the world of existing objects (tables and chairs, trees), phenomena (for example, moving curtains), including such important themes as trees depicted in various media.