Barbora Valášková – BLAU

Duration:Aug. 25, 2022 - Sep. 15, 2022
Curator:Michal Štochl
Text by:PAW
Address:Galerie HYB4, Hybernská 4, Prague 1, Prague, 110 00

Valášková’s (1990) exhibition BLAU exhibition is based on her passion, which she finds in the depths of the Paris blue tone. The foreign-language formula Blau is a dreamily delicious sound-like painting of color, which is an image of heaven or the humble prayer of Mary in a velvet cloak, but at the same time a desire to know the boundaries of unknown in the high clouds or the depths of the seas. The author deliberately uses this unifying element of color in minimalist forms of abstract expression, behind which hides the emotional expression of inner feelings, but at the same time, she tells a story in which painting is the means or instrument of expression. Valášková’s works correspond in time to suspended moments and sequences of recorded situations. The resulting “objects” then emerge from the mist and in the setting of the author’s memory archive as witnesses quietly counting down the time of infinity. Works in their simplicity of expression and craftsmanship in various depths of the blue palette are then meditative ports for contemplation.

 11. 9. 2022, od 13:00 – 24:00

Guided tour + music lounge
Kampus Hybernská will host the exhibition of the Czech author Barbora Valášková called Blau at the HYB4 D Gallery. A guided tour with the curator of the exhibition will take place at 6 p.m. while starting at 13 p.m. an area at the campus will be transformed into a music lounge with street food. The DJ will be a member of Sada kolektiv.

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