Duration:Sep. 1, 2023 - Sep. 27, 2023
Curator:Daniel Hüttler, Noemi Purkrábková
Text by:Holešovická šachta
Address:Holešovická šachta, Bubenská 242/14, Prague 7, Prague, 170 00

20.9. performance (Teuta Jonuzi, Iris Fabre)

At the heart of the group exhibition project, prepared in collaboration with curator Daniel Hüttler and the Vienna-based Clubclub Gallery, lies the idea of bringing together two painters graduating this year who had never met before but whose work is surprisingly close in many ways. By straddling artists and curators in two neighboring countries, the project will take on an unusual form, with partially overlap-
ping sister exhibitions opening in close succession: one in Prague and one in Vienna. A kind of permeable “portal” will thus be created, whose construction puts into play the principle of spatiotemporal confusion typical of both artists. This play of similarities and differences is also developed through the works of other artists who will present related but different works in similar but different spatial situations. Chin Tsao,
Ulrike Johannsen, Jakub Choma, Teuta Jonuzi, Iris Fabre, and Viktor Timofeev, to name a few, will be featured alongside the two named painters.

UMĚLCI / ARTISTS: Matyáš Maláč, Sebastian Mittl

Holešovická šachta