Duration:Aug. 29, 2023 - Sep. 28, 2023
Curator:Radek Wohlmuth
Text by:Platforma 15
Address:Platforma 15, Písecká 2192/15, Prague 3-Vinohrady, Prague, 130 00

Guided tour with the artist: 21. 9., 18.30

Michaela was born in 1997 in Karlovy Vary. She studied textile design at the Faculty of Art and Design of the J.E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. In 2019, she completed an internship in the textile studio at MOME in Budapest and a year later at UMPRUM in Prague. She currently lives and works in Prague. She profiled herself mainly as a painter. Michaela mostly paints on uncoated canvas. She works intuitively, but her expressive color records are inspired by specific situations and places. In addition to painting, she also works with textiles. She creates hand-woven tapestries or combines painting with embroidery. Her exhibition Piemonte is named after the region in northern Italy near Turin, where she spent a four-month internship this year in spring and summer. The exhibited cycle of paintings was also entirely created there and is primarily inspired by the local flora, the experience of the glacier-shaped landscape of the Aosta Valley, and the view of the 2,000-meter-high Monte Gregorio. Working in an open space brought compaction on the one hand, and greater relaxation and expansion of the handwriting on the other. The intense light added a significant color change.

Platforma 15