Duration:Sep. 1, 2022 - Nov. 24, 2022
Curator:Michal Škoda, Concept Space (JP)
Text by:Kvalitář
Address:Kvalitář, Senovážné náměstí 1628/17, Prague 1, Prague, 101 00

After four years, Japanese artists Atsuo Hukuda and Shuhei Fukuda are returning to the Czech Republic to once again present a joint project at the Kvalitář Gallery, referring to one of the traditions of Japanese art within the framework of contemporary art, thus following up on their very successful exhibition RYUHA from 2018.

The MONOCHROM exhibition is an intimate insight into contemporary Japanese art. We encounter works that are not subject to fashion trends, works by artists, father and son, who manage to intervene very sensitively in the given spaces and create an environment filled with silence, beauty and peace.