Duration:Sep. 5, 2022 - Oct. 23, 2022
Text by:1. Art Consulting Praha
Address:1. Art Consulting CZ, Topic House, Národní třída 9, Prague 1, Prague,

“Huge size, an excess of trees, an excess of energy, an excess of colours, an excess of forms, an excess of sounds …

An excess of procreation, birth, aggression and noise … an excess of life and the presence of death, an excess of joy and sorrow.

This is the forest where the Amazonian cosmos hides in an excess of souls, myths and consciousness connected.

The mind resists at first to open to this abundance, as if it had been taught to limit itself by the logic of self-consciousness

… the limit disappears the moment it crosses itself on the astral path to the laws of the jungle.

In my superabundant images I am triggered in a shamanic dance, in a state of pain and bliss,

to my own sense of abundance as the natural principle of creation.”

Otto PLACHT, 09/2022