Duration:Sep. 20, 2023 - Nov. 23, 2023
Curator:Natálie Kubíková, Mia Milgrom
Text by:Garage Gallery
Address:Garage Gallery, Vítkova 631/7a, Prague 8, Prague,

Soothing and Moving consists of a collection of video sequences deliberately presented as loose fragments in the context of an installation which will emerge as the outcome of the unique collaborative effort of two artists—Tuli Mekondjo, a Namibian artist working with painting, collage, and performance, and Caspar Stracke, a German digital artist and filmmaker co-developing this collection of moving image “modules” in light of post colonial entanglements between Namibia and Germany from a decisive yet oscillating dual perspective. 

ARTISTS: Caspar Stracke, Tuli Mekondjo 

Garage Gallery