Sráč Sam: Casting the Snowman’s Shadow

Duration:Dec. 2, 2022 - Feb. 3, 2023
Curator:hunt kastner
Text by:PAW
Address:hunt kastner, Bořivojova 85, Prague 3, Prague, 130 00

hunt kastner is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the artist Sráč Sam (b. 1969), who lives and works in the village of Česká Bříza, where she also runs the sam83 gallery, a platform for the free development of culture.

Sam, whose adopted name also flouts all convention, creates environments in which she exposes various aspects of social manipulation and approaches to reality, while ignoring expectations for how things should be done. The exhibition presents a range of works in various mediums that relate to the body and escaping the control of external forces.

exhibition opening 12/01/2022


hunt kastner