The Spider unites Major European Art Weeks

A new era of unity and collaboration is unfolding across the European art world, as we proudly introduce “The Spider” – a platform that brings together major European Art Weeks and Gallery Weekends. This alliance includes renowned events such as Amsterdam Art Week, Berlin Art Week, Prague Art Week, Vienna Art Week, Stockholm Art Week, London Gallery Weekend and Barcelona Gallery Weekend.

Spider is shaping the future of European art, creating a dynamic ecosystem that benefits artists, audiences, and the cultural sector as a whole.

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STOCKHOLM ART WEEK 14—19 MAY: “Uniting and showcasing Stockholm’s vibrant art scene and positioning Sweden as a noteworthy art destination. A central pillar of this week is the Market Art Fair, attracting both local art enthusiasts and international visitors. Collaborating with European art scenes enhances our knowledge and showcases Stockholm as a global art destination.”

— Joanna Sundström, Founder and Director

AMSTERDAM ART WEEK MAY 29—JUNE 24: “Empowering Amsterdam’s artistic ecosystem, offering diverse experiences for local and international art lovers. This transformational event turns the city into a vibrant hub for artists, professionals, collectors, and art enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and accessibility to contemporary art.”

— Martina Halsema, Director

PRAGUE ART WEEK 5—8 SEPTEMBER: PAW is open platform connecting Prague’s art institutions and promoting Czech art on a global scale. PRAGUE ART WEEK 5.-8. SEPTEMBER: “Our vision is to make Prague more visible on the international art map and we want to contribute to the interconnection and quality of the global art scene through joint projects and Spider marketing activities.””

— Lenka Bakes, Director

BERLIN ART WEEK 11—15 SEPTEMBER: Showcasing Berlin’s contemporary art scene and connecting diverse art stakeholders. This festival bridges various institutions, artists, collectors, curators, and the public, deepening appreciation for art and culture. The cooperation between different Art Weeks aims to create a more interconnected platform for the arts, enhancing cultural exchange, diversity, and visibility on a global scale.”

— Mona Stehle, Head of Programme

BARCELONA GALLERY WEEKEND 19—22 SEPTEMBER: “We aim to reinforce Barcelona’s artistic scene by promoting art collecting. We believe that joining forces between similar initiatives in European cities enriches everyone, fostering collaborations, exchanges, and expanding networks.”

— Mariña Álvarez Pino and Andrea Rodríguez Novoa, Co-directors

VIENNA ART WEEK 8—15 NOVEMBER: “We shine a spotlight on Vienna’s vibrant art scene every November, attracting 30,000 visitors with inspiring art from Baroque to the present. Having been founded in 2005 as the first „art week” of its kind, our festival is based on a unique collaboration of Viennese art institutions, art universities, galleries, independent art spaces, and artists. We love to connect with like-minded festivals for mutual inspiration and to use the Spider platform to create more visibility for our joint cause, the visual arts.”

— Theresia Nickl, Head of Operations