Duration:Sep. 8, 2022 - Oct. 22, 2022
Curator:Markéta Mansfieldová, Elisabeth Pichler, Tereza Rudolf
Text by:Fotograf Gallery
Address:Fotograf Gallery, Jungmannova 19, New Town, Prague, 110 00

The exhibition will present an international selection of artists whose work is dedicated to documenting the roots and manifestations of radicalism and extremism in contemporary Central Europe. The curato- rial concept works with a timeline that starts in the 1980s and continues into the present and it reflects society’s changing attitude to specific documentary and artistic approaches.

ARTISTS: Norman Behrendt, Ewa Einhorn, Jakob Ganslmeier,
Alex Gerbaulet + Mareike Bernien, Ludwig Rauch, Mykola Rydnyi, belit sağ

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