Festival m3 / Art in Space

Duration:Jun. 15, 2022 - Sep. 30, 2022
Curator: Dagmar Šubrtová and Iva Mladičová
Text by:PAW

train stations – Prague Braník/PETER CUCACK, Prague Řeporyje/ELIAS DOLEJŠÍ , Masarykovo nádraží/LLOYD DUNN, Prague Modřany/PAVEL HOŠEK, Prague Vršovice/PETR STIBRAL , Prague Veleslavín/VLADIMÍR TURNER , Prague Libeň/ERIKA VELICKÁ , Prague Zličín/EPOS 25

The purpose of the m3 / Art in Space Festival is to enhance the public space of the metropolis through the interventions of selected artists, to bring visitors and inhabitants of the city into contact with current art, to confront them with it and to actively create new territorial contexts through it. In connection with this, breaking down social and local stereotypes and sparking public discussion on specific topics related to the issue. This year, artists are exhibiting their works at train stations. The subtitle of this year’s Festival is “Between spaces”.
The reality of station buildings, railway lines and their surroundings co-creates at first glance the clear boundaries of the basis of the concept of this year’s m3 Festival – Art in Space. In their immediate vicinity, levels of meaning immediately emerge – social, political-aesthetic, architectural, historical, urban, ecological.


 9. 9. 2022, 11:00 a 16:00
We invite you to explore the surroundings of Branik together with sound artist Peter Cusack. 
We will listen to the connections between the landscape and soundscape of this historic part of Prague. 

The walks last approximately 75 minutes and there will be time for observation and discussion during and after. 
Please confirm your attendance at [email protected]
Bring good footwear, clothing for the weather and water to drink.
More information at https://favouritesounds.org/ and https://sonicity.cz/node/2466

 14. 9. 2022, 17:00: A walk in Slatina – Disappearing allotment gardens

Meeting at the statue of Petr Stybral, Jiřina Hauková and Jindřich Chalupecký Park in front of Vršovice railway station. The debate will be attended by Petr Gibas from the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, representatives of The Prague Institute of Planning and Development, and others. The complementary content to Petr Stibral’s installation is a podcast composed of recordings of activities and interviews with residents of the emergency colony of Slatina, compiled by Miloš Vojtěchovský.

Festival m3