Duration:Sep. 15, 2023 - Oct. 31, 2023
Curator:Tomáš Hejtmánek
Text by:Arthouse Hejtmánek
Address:ARTHOUSE HEJTMÁNEK, Goetheho 17/2, Prague 6-Bubeneč, Prague, 160 00

Josef Kotrba (1896–1984), who studied architecture at the Prague Academy under Jan Kotěra, is now presented as a naive artist.

Arthouse Hejtmánek

Arthouse Hejtmánek is a renowned family-owned gallery and auction house located in a seventeenth century villa in Prague’s scenic Bubeneč district. Since 2012 they have primarily begun to focus on buying, selling, and assessing works of art. In addition to visual art, they also deal in antiques and design pieces. They regularly exhibit Czech artists, among them sculptors Jaroslav Horejc and Milan Beránek and painter Jaroslav Veris.