Lullaby for the Parched’n Shattered

Duration:Sep. 20, 2023 - Nov. 19, 2023
Curator:Alžběta Čermáková
Text by:A.M. 180
Address:A.M. 180, Jeronýmova 88/9, Praha 3, Praha, 130 00

Opening: 20. 9. 2023 18:00

ARTISTS: Ebb Bayley, Kea Bolenz, Shelter of Trust, Linda Stupart

During the exhibition there will also be performance Shelter of Trust, starting at 20h

A.M. 180

We know there are eyes upon us, not the usual fluffy controlled audience. We have been taught to believe in the physical body as the utmost evidence of being or being present. Exhibition works with the state of inner dissociation and merging of the body and not our body, the alien body within and what happens when the body is abandoned by us or we abandoned the body.