Mind The Gap – Matěj Janák, Innerfields, M-City, Interesni Kazki

Duration:Aug. 11, 2022 - Sep. 17, 2022
Curator:Petr Hájek
Text by:The Chemistry Gallery
Address:The Chemistry Gallery, Ovenecká 1072/17, Praha 7, Praha,
The exhibition Mind The Gap will present four artists who are united by the fact that they have bounced back from their graffiti past for their current artistic expression. Or even presence. It will present four different approaches, all of which have a common denominator based on art coming up from streets. At the same time, the theme of the urban landscape and digital presence unites all exhibited artists. Each of the four authors fills one of the gallery’s rooms. Czech author Matěj Janák will present his brand new canvases with a clear post-graffiti aesthetic. Berlin-based duo Innerfileds will present realistic figurative paintings in which digital content separates people rather than bringing them together. Polish M-City will present its typical urban constructivism close to geometric abstraction. And the Ukrainian Interesni Kazki breathtaking neo-surrealism thematically reflecting the killing Ukrainian present.
The exhibition takes place as part of the ongoing Wall Street mural art festival, and the three foreign authors in this exhibition are also foreign participants in this year’s first year of this festival. Each of these authors will create (or already created – Innerfields) a new large-format painting in a public space (mural) in Prague this summer. In this way, the Mind the Gap exhibition naturally “seeps” into the streets of Prague.

10.9. 2022 od 15:00 do 16:30 art workshop for children

Come with your children and try your hand at creating a work of art based on the legendary Polish streeter artist M-City. Take advantage of the last chance to have your own visual experience at the first edition of the Prague Wall Street Festival. The content will be free inspiration from the artist’s work. The Polish graphic designer, designer, educator and above all world-famous muralist presents schemes of dense cities of the future. Following his example, participants will construct their own geometric metropolis in his typically contrasting colours. M-City’s works respond to the public space and his hundreds of completed murals can be seen all over the world.
The programme will be accompanied by lecturer Kateřina Weinhartová. Participants will have a lot of different Stabilo products to choose from. The workshop is suitable for children from 3 to 18 years old.



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