Duration:Sep. 7, 2023 - Oct. 27, 2023
Curator:Jiří Švestka
Text by:Jiri Svestka Gallery
Address:Jiri Svestka Gallery, Janáčkovo nábř. 85, Prague 5, Prague, 150 00

22. 9., 17.00 Guided tour of the exhibition 

Although the focus of Petra Švecová’s work lies in painting, the title of the exhibition SensingTime is more reminiscent of time-based media, photography and even moving image. In thissense, the phrase Sensing Time, in addition to the taking of the image itself, can refer to themoving and re-pausing of the sequence. Thus, the exhibition offers glimpses into a garden shrouded in personal myths in a moment that encompasses multiple times simultaneously and in which gesture prevails and takes on meaning.

Jiri Svestka Gallery