Duration:Sep. 20, 2023 - Sep. 25, 2023
Curator:Celine Sabari Poizat
Text by:Berlinskej Model
Address:Berlinskej Model, Pplk. Sochora 9, Prague 7, Prague, 170 00

20. – 25. 9. 2023 (opening 17.00 / performance 20. 9., 19.00)

ARTISTS: Johanna Rocard, Heléne Hulak, Lux Miranda

An exhibition and performance project to activate the book NONFICTION 04 “Then the charm is firm and good”, which is dedicated to young contemporary creation that invokes the aesthetics of magic. The title of the exhibition is a tribute to Silvia Federici’s essay “Caliban and the Witch,” which sees the sixteenth-century witch hunt as an instrument of domination of the female body in the service of capitalism’s mastery of the reproduction of labor power. The exhibition will bring together the work of young women or non-binary artists who reclaim both the figure of the witch—the unruly woman who refuses to fall into line and perpetuates the knowledge and beliefs of ancient times. Special thanks: ARTER

Berlinskej Model