NET – in the network of art: Jan Skřivánek

Duration:Apr. 29, 2022 - Sep. 16, 2022
Text by:Lenka Bakešová
Address:Museum Kampa, U Sovových mlýnů 2, Malá Strana, Prague, 118 00

In the conversation podcast series NET, we untangle and analyse collaborative networks in the arts. How have prominent figures in the local art scene navigated the tangled path and where is contemporary art heading?

The first episode of the NET podcast series, we unravel and analyse the complex interconnections of the art world from a media perspective. In the first episode of the NET podcast series, we seek to provide an orientation in the opaque terrain of the art scene from the perspective of the media, specifically through the insight of Jan Skřivánek. We started with our roots and asked the founder of the Týden umění show, which is in many ways a continuation of Prague Art Week, if the Czech art scene supports one another? How is Czech art doing and what kind of awareness can the Czech public gain about it through the mainstream media. What does the J&T Banka Art Index actually speaks about, but also what influences the value of an artwork. 

Jan Skřivánek is an art historian, art market expert and art critic who regularly comments on the art market in most of the leading Czech media. The former managing director, editor-in-chief and editor of the ART ANTIQUES magazine and ART+ portal, who was at the birth of the Artalk news platform and worked at the art television artyč, has long been involved in reflecting on the art market, as well as the history and functioning of museum and gallery institutions.