Duration:Sep. 12, 2022 - Sep. 15, 2022
Text by:PAW
Address:The New Stage National Theatre, Národní 1393, Prague 1, Prague, 110 00

The festival will be accompanied by a professional and educational programme in the Superstudio on the New Stage of the National Theatre the theme of which is articulated by the festival’s subtitle “NET”. 

Superstudio will be located on the New Stage of the National Theatre. The programme will be divided into four blocks over four days – from Monday 12 September to Thursday 15 September. In the individual blocks, Czech and international guests will present the most interesting of their exhibition achievements, successful practices in managing organisations, milestones of the most successful events or the management of art collections, as well as how they arrived at a successful project, in the form of a few-minute lecture and slideshow. Discussions and a master class will develop the lecture format.


Monday 12. 9. at 18:00 – 20:00

capacity 100 persons, RSVP on

The first evening block of the accompanying programme focuses on the support and promotion of contemporary art, critical reflection on visual arts, as well as other know-how and networking in the field of culture.

(Albertine Kopp & Noemi Smolik, Krištof Kintera interviewed by Lenka Lindaurová, Tomáš Klička, Art Antiques & guests)


Tuesday 13. 9. at 18:00 – 20:00

capacity 300 persons, RSVP on

The second evening block of the accompanying programme of the Prague Art Week is dedicated to artists, but also to professions that, albeit indirectly, profile the life paths of art professionals.

(Lenka Bakešová,  PAW & guests Marie Tomanová & Thomas Beachdel (USA), Céline Sabari Poizat (FR) & others)



Wednesday 14 September 18:00 – 20:00

program in Czech, capacity 100 persons, RSVP at (TBA)

The third evening segment dedicated to art investments and art collecting will discuss perspectives on how to deal with artifacts in the physical, but also in the increasingly used digital environment.

Representatives of Galerie Kodl, Artefin, Havel&Partners and House of Lobkowicz will speak about the purchase, protection, and care of art collections. The program will also present results of a professional survey of the behavior of Czech collectors prepared by J&T Banka Art and the professional platform Art+. Moderation by Jan  Stuchlík.



Thursday/Thursday 14. 9. 18:00 – 20:00

program in Czech, capacity 100 persons, RSVP at (TBA)

The final evening lecture will present personalities and projects that resonate across the borders of individual countries.

How did the first world “art week” come about? The representatives of Art Week Vienna will introduce their original work. A case study of patronage in the United States will be presented by a member of the Karel Komárek Family Foundation. You will also hear about the most significant achievements of Czech Centres around the world. The difficulties of running institutions during the war and overcoming them will be described by Maryna Shcherbenko from the Shcherbenko Art Centre in Kiev. Jakub Jahn will guide the afternoon and close it with a special greeting.



The program in the PAW 22 superstudio will be free of charge, participants will register via RSVP. (Available from 1st September)