Theatre play: VISIT

Duration:Sep. 12, 2022 - Sep. 14, 2022
Text by:Nová scéna Národního divadla
Address:The New Stage National Theatre, Národní 1393, Prague 1, Prague, 110 00

On the approaching end of the world, aging and roast ducks…

Four men, old friends, throwing a party. A roast duck is being prepared in the oven,
but before they’re cooked golden brown, they all pass the time drinking and talking. They solve
personal and historical matters, long ago given and irreversible, talk of extinction
of humanity, the geopolitical escapades of the world powers and the rottenness of the Czech elite.
And the clock is slowly counting down…

The leitmotif of the chatter becomes an asteroid, which is due to hit the Earth in the evening.
The fragile position of our planet overlaps with the equally threatened and fragile physical
shell of human life, as death has taken root in the body of one of the men…

on this subject, unlike the problems of mankind, the male conversation is short. After all,
each of the four friends is fatally tainted by the fact that at the right moment he did not say what
he should have said. But so far, so good…

The visit marks the theatrical debut of Emil Hakl (1958), a writer whose work is one of the best that Czech prose has produced in recent times.

 12. 9. and 14. 9. 2022, 20:00