PAW TIP #03: June in Prague galleries

What exhibitions can you visit in Prague galleries now?

The Kunsthalle Prague has newly opened the exhibition Exposures, which provides an insight into the lifelong work of Lucie Moholy. Don’t miss the group exhibition Boundaries of Ambiguity at the Meetfactory gallery, which presents artists whose work straddles the line between free art and design. The Portheimka gallery is hosting the exhibition Kinship by Choice, organized by The Chemistry gallery, where you can see works by students and graduates of the Painting School III studio. Michael Rittstein and Roman Franta from the Academy of Fine Arts.

The complex work of Lucio Moholy

The exhibition spans the artist’s career from the second decade to the 1970s and features over 600 photographs, microfilms, letters, articles, books and audio recordings. It shows the wide range of interests and media that the Prague native pursued. Through visual art, photography, text and publications, Moholy tells a personal story that is set in a political and contemporary context. The artist views this through a feminist lens that, among other things, discusses the subordinate role of women within the Bauhaus. Lucie Moholy’s photographs were published without authorship, and many of their negatives were lost during World War II and taken abroad by Walter Gropius. The theme of missing works is continued in several works by contemporary Czech artist Jan Tichý, who teaches in the photography department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His installations respond to the life and career of Lucie Moholy.

Between fine and applied art

The exhibition Borders of Ambiguity, which is taking place at the MeetFactory gallery, gives us a glimpse into the intermingling of free and applied art, which is specific to today’s thinking, in visual art as well as in design. Works that break out of the defined categories lack clear boundaries towards a formal blurring. The exhibition, curated by Ján Gajdušek and Tereza Havlovicová, can also be seen as a visual reflection of the interdisciplinarity that is currently a theme in art schools and projects. You can see the works of ten male and female artists, which are characterised by their tension between contemporary technological practices and a return to the handmade and authenticity of the material. 

Allied by choice

The first exhibition in the series of exhibitions “The Pedagogue and His Pupils” at the Portheimka Gallery in Smíchov, which will map the terrain of contemporary visual art through the gravity of prominent figures leading painting and sculpture studios at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts who have recently ended their long-standing teaching activities. This series of exhibitions will present a wide range of contemporary Czech artists who were more or less shaped by these prominent artistic figures during their studies. The first exhibition of this series is the exhibition of the Painting School III studio. Michael Rittstein and Roman Franta, which presents the work of selected students and graduates of the studio.