PAW TIP #04: Art in private galleries

What exhibitions to visit this week? In addition to the major art institutions, there are also many private galleries in Prague with an interesting exhibition programme that you shouldn’t miss. Visit the art space Platforma 15 and the solo exhibition of painter Magdalena Turzová called Medusa’s Complex. In the BOLD gallery you can see the group exhibition MA_SCARY, which reflects the theme of masks from several different perspectives. The Soilmates exhibition at the hunt kastner gallery is also definitely worth a visit, featuring the work of Dominika Trapp and the artist duo Julia Gryboś & Barbora Zentková.

Between childhood and parenthood. Exhibition at the Platform 15 gallery

With her exhibition Medusa’s Complex at the Platforma 15 gallery, painter Magdalena Turzová opens up themes that are loosely based on the ambivalent position of middle age, when one is already raising children, but at the same time does not cease to be a child of aging parents. The sensitively tuned paintings are thus a reflection of a personal but also shared experience, which we touch through gestures, memories and symbols. Through them, we get to the depth of the Medusa complex, which in psychology refers to the moment of strict parental supervision that paralyses a child so much that it freezes in body and mind. The exhibition is curated by Radek Wohlmuth.

Masking in the BOLD gallery

In the BOLD gallery you can visit the group exhibition Ma_Scary, which presents the theme of masks and its reflection in contemporary art in its diverse range of meanings. Here, the works of contemporary artists and women meet the masks of indigenous peoples, thus completing the planes of different approaches to rituals that originate from the laws of nature as well as those inspired by contemporary times. The exhibition also opens up perspectives on masking, the transformation of identity or the use of masks as magical objects designed for protection. What unites the face, carnival, folklore or work masks is that they always take us out of the everyday, as do the artworks that reflect the theme of masks in interesting ways.

Gates between dimensions in hunt kastner gallery

The exhibition Soilmates at hunt kastner gallery presents the work of Dominika Trapp and the artist duo Julia Gryboś & Barbora Zentková. The title of the exhibition plays with the possibility of kinship, which results in an impressive impression of unity and dialogicality at the same time. The exhibition consists of several sets of works that are connected by a similar visual language. Gryboś & Zentková work in the exhibition with used textile material that contains memory traces, which the artists layer on top of each other, stitching, revealing individual planes. Inorganic materials merge with organic ones in mutual sedimentation and the works become a portal through which we can pass beneath the surface. Trapp works in a similar way, visualizing portals in her paintings and drawings in terms of traps, knots and meshes that can trap the living. At the same time, they become an escape route, a portal that grips irreversibly.