PAW TIP #1: Current exhibitions of female artists

What ongoing exhibitions are not to be missed? We have selected three exhibitions that share the same theme – the exhibiting artists are women. You can see contemporary women’s art at the hunt kastner gallery, The Design and Prague City Gallery.

The Design

Would You Still Love Me if I Were a Worm?
8. 3. – 31. 5. 2023
Curator: Romana Drdová

The new concept store, which is connected to the gallery space under the curatorial direction of artist Romana Drdová, opened a group exhibition of 4 female artists at the beginning of March. Different media formats meet under one denominator, which is a woman. A theme that touches each of the artists concerned, but each of them handles it a little differently. We invite you to an exhibition of women artists: Aleksandra Vajd, Anna Ruth, Tereza Štetinová and Anna-Marie Berdychová to The Design.


Prague City Galley, The Bell Stone House

Margita Titlová: Vertical Purple
15. 2. – 14. 5. 2023
Curator: Magdalena Juříková

A group exhibition of works by Margita Titlová, one of the most outstanding personalities of the 1980s generation, is taking place at the Stone Bell House at the Prague City Gallery. She used her handwriting to express her disagreement with the ideology of the time, which did not escape the art world. Conceptual art and performance are the most significant means she used to do so. Don’t miss this expressive exhibition, on view until mid-May.


hunt kastner

Touching Time that Stands Still
17. 2. – 1. 4. 2023
Curator: Pavlína Morganová

Hunt kastner gallery run by Kacha Kastner and Camille Hunt presents a group exhibition of Eva Kmentová, Eva Koťátková, Alena Kotzmannová, Alena Kučerová, Adéla Matasová and Tereza Štětinová under the curatorial direction of Pavlína Morganová, whose practice focuses on “women’s art”. The concept of the exhibition is based on an interest in the works of women and an exploration of the situations they have had to overcome as women. The exhibition runs only until April 1.