What exhibitions should you not miss in the coming days? Check out our other tips, this time on ongoing solo exhibitions of young artists that are definitely worth a visit.

Radka Bodzewicz: Paradise Lost
BOLD Gallery
31.5. – 1.7. 2023
curator: Radek Wohlmuth

Radka Bodzewicz’s paintings are full of intricate shapes with oriental references that often reflect myths and non-linear understanding of time. Her solo exhibition at Bold Gallery is inspired by the Old Testament story of the loss of certainty. It is the finale of an exhibition trilogy about man’s spiritual journey towards himself. Her paintings straddle the line between physical space and the virtual reality to which they refer.

Jáchym Šimek: Space Fabric / Wooden Particle
Karpuchina Gallery
13.4. – 16.6. 2023
curator: Mariana Pecháčková

Jáchym Šimek’s first solo exhibition presents his sculptural work, which at the same time overturns ideas about sculptural principles. At Karpuchina Gallery you can see reliefs that bear the imprint of thinking about the metaverse, black holes, vortex, physical laws and superdeterminism. Peek into abstract shapes that mix with the concrete and reflect on the theme of impermanence and decay.

Antonie Stanová: Pine Hum Sigh
Kvalitář Gallery
25. 4. 2023 – 17. 6. 2023

The exhibition presents works characteristic of the artist’s work. The intricate maze of abstract shapes, which are at the same time carriers of information, are a diary record and their connection creates random narratives and associations. The tiny notes on the canvas are at times seemingly random, but on the whole they guide us through an intimate record of reality and a map of personal experience.

Matěj Janák: Fallen
The Chemistry Gallery
25. 5. 2023 – 16. 6. 2023
curators: Petr Hájek, Jan Slanina

The exhibition will present completely new works by Matěj Janák, whose work was initially formed mainly outside the gallery environment. In The Chemistry Gallery you can see his reflection of human needs and desires. Whether the references are to digital or strictly materialistic environments, everything is wrapped in a sense of fragility and impermanence, leading Janák to re-evaluate our own values.

The exhibition takes place at Kampus Hybernská, Hybernská 4, Prague 1

Madeleine Andresson: Petrosexuality
Galerie 35m2
25. 05. – 16. 06. 2023
curator: Tea Záchová

The exhibition of Swedish artist Madeleine Andresson, who is exhibiting in the Czech Republic for the first time, is a loose continuation of the theme of fossil fuels, which the gallery has already reflected on in 2019 in the exhibition We Are All Carbon. This time, however, the exhibition Petrosexuality relates to a different fuel, namely oil. Andersson humorously and sarcastically links male masculinity to the oil extraction industry, which demonstrates its power in the same way. The exhibition critically reflects on the theme of environmental crisis in relation to human expansion, which is in direct relation to the capitalist functioning of society.