We bring you more tips for exhibitions in Prague galleries, which this time are loosely connected by the theme of natural processes and various possibilities of their transformation into works of art. The exhibition at the Berlinskej model gallery reflects the theme of fire and ignition, at the Kostka Gallery you can see how organic processes become part of the work and contribute to the form of the installation, and at the Kvalitář Gallery you can find similarities between sculptural works and natural structures.

Hynek Alt, Iveta Schovancová: SMALL TALKS WITH FIRES
Gallery Berlinskej model
14. 6. – 21. 6. 2023

Galerie Berlinskej Model presents an exhibition of Hynek Alt and Iveta Schovancová in collaboration with Oliver Torr, Jáchym Kachlík and Ondřej Konrád as part of its exhibition concept “Couples”. The leitmotif of the exhibition is fire and its various forms and meanings. Torches made from collected waste burn and slow motion shots give you the opportunity to reflect on the process of ignition, recall current scenes of forest fires or expand your sensory possibilities and inhale the smoke from the display through technologically expanded perception.

Anna Ročňová: Tůně
Meetfactory Gallery – Kostka Gallery
Curator: Ján Gajdušek
9. 6. – 20. 8. 2023

Natural structures and fragile organic forms meet industrial elements. The exhibition presents a transformed landscape that merges with the gallery environment. Anna Ročňová often places her works in nature, where she leaves them at the mercy of natural processes; with the exhibition Tůně she brings these processes into the gallery. There she creates an environment of second nature, in which the organic coexists with the humanly constructed. The exhibition is intended as a thematic equivalent to the collective show Only Transitions and Translations, which will run concurrently in the main gallery.

Tomáš Medek: Uvnitř i vně
23. 6. – 27. 8. 2023
Curator: Jan Kudrna

Kvalitář Gallery presents the best of Tomáš Medek’s sculptural work. Objects cast in bronze and other materials, but also materialized by 3D printing, offer an unusual view of ordinary things. Through his works, Medek explores the structure and harmony of individual physical laws as well as the inner space of his sculptures. His work is thus based on natural processes and relates to nature as a source of architectural form inspiration.