Vladimír Véla: The Phenomenology of Values

Duration:Jun. 23, 2022 - Aug. 26, 2022
Curator:Jan Kudrna
Text by:Kvalitář
Address:Kvalitář, Senovážné náměstí 1628/17, Prague 1, Prague, 101 00

Vladimír Véla is a painter whose exploration of phenomena can be seen as one of the integral starting points of his own artistic endeavours. It is not entirely relevant whether this goal is conscious or a logical starting point of a complex authorial will. Value here is the essential variable that co-defines the role of the depicted. The very process of exploration in Vladimír Véla’s paintings is a complex, functional and unprecedentedly concentrated analysis. A process that does not depend directly on the scale of the painting area or the variety of the colour palette. It is in many ways an original and authentic process that is free of first-rate templates and solutions.

In his paintings, Vladimír Véla is quietly, but above all very non-violently, saying that not everything that is presented in a certain basic (functional) setting and form is necessarily outdated, backward and outmoded. In a way, it shows to an increasingly large group of perceivers that sometimes a little is essentially the most. At other times it says that less is just right.