David Krňanský – Walking Dog

Duration:Mar. 9, 2023 - May. 20, 2023
Curator:Lenka Bakešová
Text by:Galerie Artefin
Address:Galerie Artefin, Nádražní 203, Měšice, 250 64

The exhibition, which presents a new series of paintings by David Krňanský at Artefin Gallery, is called Walking Dog.

Is Krňanský inviting us to a purposeless walk with a dog, where we can turn off our overwhelmed minds and let ourselves be pulled by visual sensations? Or is Krňanský giving us a clue to let the absurdity of the exhibition title pull us into a deeper semiotic game? Both directions are correct, you can go there once, then go the other way again.

The opening will take place on 8 March 2023 at 6:00 pm at the Artefin Gallery in Měšice u Prahy. Directions to the gallery are described on the map in the photo carousel above.


Galerie Artefin