Sep. 1, 2022 - Oct. 1, 2022
35m2, Víta Nejedlého 23, Prague 3, Prague, Curator: Ilethia Sharp / Sharp ProjectsText by: PAW

Compact. Time. Constraint. exhibits sculptures and sculptural installations around the measurements of the standardized A4 sheet of paper. Although the size limitations were created for convenience, the compactness of the works exhibited are not all physically or visually uniform. The constraining theme is imposed upon a being or material which takes on various forms. Time passing is indicated with clock hands and rolling tides both impling repetition; also found in artistic practices that require punchering, folding, angling, spinning, cutting, and sculpting. Works exhibited range from self-standing and wall-hanging sculptures, video and other small-scale installations. This group show is inspired by the previous exhibition at Sharp Projects titled, Small Sculptures, featuring sculptures all within the dimensions of 20 x 15 x 30 cm – conceptualized from the belief that everyone should own a piece of art. 

ARTISTS: Živa Drvarič (SI), Julie Falk (DK), Elisabeth Molin (DK), Elizabeth Orr (US), Anna Rocnova (CZ), Alex Thake (DE), Lauda Vargas (US), Vladimíra Večeřová (CZ), Anna Walther (DK)