CONCERT: Uncertain Situations

Curator:Jitka Hlaváčková, Ian Mikyska
Text by:Galerie hlavního města Prahy
Address:Prague City Gallery, Troja Château, U Trojského zámku 4/1, Prague 7, Prague,

24. 9. 2023, 19.00 

The exhibition and concert project Uncertain Situations presents various possibilities of dialogue between music and visual art, auditory and visual perception. Uncertain Situations builds on the Prague City Gallery’s 2022 collaboration with the Prague Quiet Music Collective, which presented five pairs of artworks from the GHMP collections and new musical compositions written in response to them. Two new compositions based on works by Václav Cigler and Jiří Thýn will be presented at the concert in September. The compositions were written by Jack Langdon and Ian Mikyska, who is also the artistic director of the Prague Quiet Music Collective, which will be performing all of the pieces. 

Prague City Gallery