HAC #1

Duration:Sep. 12, 2022 - Sep. 18, 2022
Curator:Ján Gajdušek
Address:Pragovka Gallery, Kolbenova 923, Praha 9, Praha,

Havrlant Art Collection is a private collection of contemporary Czech and Slovak art. It was founded in 2015 by Kateřina and Jakub Havrlant. The collection currently contains over one hundred and thirty works of art, paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs. The collection is presented through the website, which informs interested parties about the works and artists represented in a broader context. During the Prague Art Week festival, a selection of the collection will be on display for the first time as part of a collective exhibition, which, like the collection, will focus on the presentation of contemporary art from Central and Eastern Europe.

The collection is currently represented by 37 artists and contains a total of 150 works of art. The curator of the collection is Ján Gajdušek.

 11. 9. 2022, 18:00 opening 

Jan Gajdušek shared his experience with building a collection for Kateřina and Jakub Havrlant in the seventh episode of the NET podcast, which focuses on the work of a curator and the differences of curatorial work in the field of museums, galleries and private collections.

Havrlant Art Collection