Karolína Netolická – Plastický svět

Oct. 6, 2022 - Nov. 25, 2022
Galerie Artefin, Nádražní 203, Měšice, 250 64 Curator: Galerie ArtefinText by: Galerie Artefin

Karolina Netolická is a representative of the youngest generation that presents itself in the field of figurative painting. In the artist’s presentation it is a research, an analysis of man as a set of natural evolutionary results, which is in a way subjected to “testing” situations that range from banal to borderline characters.

The fundamental, even essential, factor determining the whole is the environment in which these situations take place. The prevailing gloom of the forest is a kind of safe vacuum, a kind of insulator that safely separates the action from the surrounding world and a certain chaos, visual impurity and noise smog. The forest is the guardian of the whole process. It is an imaginary Doorkeeper in the rituals of secret societies. It is a place where the author has often actually physically been. She then imprints the specific and final places in her memory, letting the philosophical influences contained in her own rich inner world operate freely.


Galerie Artefin