LUKÁŠ RAIS: Trichodon

Duration:Sep. 21, 2023 - Sep. 24, 2023
Text by:Lukáš Rais
Address:Franz Kafka Square, Josefov , Prague 1, Prague, 110 00

The steel objects by sculptor Lukáš Rais (1975) combine abstraction and realism as they naturally react to the space around them thanks to the qualities of the stainless steel from which they are made. Depending on their internal shape, they mirror the surrounding world several times with their constant movement, changes, and rhythm. The work, entitled Trichodon, is the artist’s largest public-space realization to date, and after a long-term installation at Franz Kafka Square, it will be permanently relocated.

POSTPONED (We apologize for the necessary changes in the program due to production reasons of the author of the work)