PLAN_T: International opportunities

Check out the list of annual grants and opportunities. The list includes various opportunities in different areas of the art world, including but not limited to fine arts, performing arts, visual arts, and media arts. 

Vogue CS announces the Ploom Design Competition

Young people from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia can enter their artwork in the fashion and jewellery category or in the product design category and it must be red (as similar as possible to the Pantone 200C shade). A cash prize of 50 000 CZK awaits you after the announcement. Ploom will then send you to present your creation at Design Week in Milan, where the object will be exhibited as part of the Ploom Design House pop-up exhibition.

Práci přihlas nejpozději do 14. 2. 2024 do 23:59 hod.

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Garage Gallery

Since 2018 Garage Gallery has been hosting an international residency for artists and curators who prepare a final presentation of their work together with the exhibition after the residency. We provide the selected residents with accommodation and partial funding for their work so that they can fully commit to their planned project. By inviting international artists, we aim to create a meaningful exchange of experiences and creative perspectives. 

International residency is open to any artist who does not have a permanent residence in Czech Republic. Are you interested in discovering the local scene and participating in the gallery’s residency program during the summer of 2024? The residency will end with a final solo exhibition of the selected applicant’s project. 

Read the interview with gallerist and curator Natalie Kubikova

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The Culture Moves Europe

The Culture Moves Europe mobility programme has also opened a call for individual mobility, covering the sectors of architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion, literary translation, music, performing arts and visual arts.  The call is open to both established and emerging artists and can be used in the context of collaborations, the production of exhibitions, but also, for example, for personal research in the context of one’s own work.

This second round is open from 2 October 2023 until 31 May 2024, 23.59 CET (Central European Time).

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European Festivals Fund for emerging artists – EFFEA

The European Festivals Fund for emerging artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), is a system built for festivals to support and offer them and their emerging artists* a platform to develop their careers on an international level. At the same time, it is an invitation for cooperation between festivals across borders. The activities supported by the EFFEA Residencies offer time and space for artists to develop specific ideas and, eventually, present them to the audience.

The second round of EFFEA grants supports 173 festivals and 50 artists (individuals, duos, companies, ensembles or groups) from 14 artistic disciplines and 36 countries. The residency programme runs from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.

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The EUROPEAN MEDIA ART PLATFORM – EMAP offers residencies for artists, artist duos, collectives or other artistic collaborations working in the fields of digital art, media art, and bio-art. As a new feature of the EMAP residency programme, we have introduced the “collaboration” component. Applicants are expected to include a proposal for collaboration in their application.

Deadline for Applications for 2025: will be announced in autumn 2024.

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Artists-in-Residence Meetfactory

The international Artists­-in-Residence program was established in 2007 and is the largest studio program in Central Europe. MeetFactory facilitates ten studios, which annually host over thirty visual artists, curators, musicians, theater directors, and writers. We foster the involvement of our artists in residence not only within the programming of MeetFactory (Open Studios, Public House, Museum Night, etc.) and its three exhibition spaces (exhibitions, performances, guided tours), but also in the context of the Czech and Central European art scenes.  .

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La Maison Kintsugi Art Residency

La Maison Kintsugi, founded by artist Garth Bowden, embodies a vision of life infused with art. This residency offers a space where creativity, playfulness, contemplation, and exchange are equally cherished, emphasizing a balance between individual practice and collective conversation. The term ‘Kintsugi,’ derived from Japanese (‘Kin’ for gold and ‘Tsugi’ for join), literally translates to ‘to join with gold.’ Symbolizing resilience and transformation, it sets the tone for the residency’s ethos. La Maison Kintsugi provides a tranquil atmosphere for artists to concentrate on their work, research, or writing. 

Open during the months of April, May, June and September, October, November

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Film London

Film London supports talent, develops creativity, and promotes London as a global production hub – in film, television, animation, games, and beyond.

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Hakoniemi Residency

Hakoniemi Residence, founded in 2019 in Oravisalo, Rääkkylä, Finland, provides a peaceful retreat for artists, musicians, writers, and more. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Northern Saimaa archipelago, the former home of painter Jorma Pajarinen offers a unique blend of artistic inspiration and historical richness. The remote location, 15 km from the village center with no public transportation, makes it ideal for those comfortable working in self-directed environments. The residency, supported by the Hakoniemi Residence Support Association, aims to revive local culture and foster collaboration between artists and the community.

Spring 1.1-31.5 & Autumn 1.9-12.12.

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The Guild Hall William P. Rayner

The Guild Hall William P. Rayner Artist-in-Residence (WPR AiR) program offers artist collectives the time and space to research, experiment, and develop new ideas and projects. Artists are provided with creative mentorships, administrative support, a commissioning fee, living space, and a purpose-built studio.

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Yukon Arts Centre

The Yukon Arts Centre was founded to be a resource for Northern artists and to reflect and support the artistic ambition and aesthetic of local and regional community organizations. YAC’s programming directions span the visual arts, performing arts, presenting, training, residencies, and community outreach.
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TelepART Mobility

TelepART Mobility (FI) Support is a micro-funding program run by the Finnish Cultural and Research Institutes that aims to foster cultural and academic exchange opportunities between Finland and other countries and regions. With two grant categories, TelepART-Arts, and TelepART-Science, the program offers up to €1,000 for travel and accommodation costs, and funding decisions are made quickly, within two weeks of application.

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The Oak Spring Garden Foundation 

The Oak Spring Garden Foundation (USA) is accepting applications for the 2024 Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence and the Interdisciplinary Residency Program. These funded programs offer time and space for artists, writers, ecologists, humanities scholars, and others to work on creative projects in a supportive community and bucolic setting.

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Rupert (LT) is inviting applications for residencies, calling local and international cultural practitioners and thinkers (artists, writers, curators, researchers, managers, and academics) willing to live and work in Vilnius from 1 to 3 months in 2024 (January–December) and develop individual or collaborative projects, reflections, and research while immersing themselves in the region’s contemporary art field.

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Holy Art Gallery

The Holy Art Gallery, with locations in London and Athens, specializes in curating art exhibitions and fairs internationally, providing opportunities for artists to showcase their work and gain recognition in the contemporary and modern art scene.

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The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program (DE) is a residency program for international cultural practitioners that facilitates and supports creative processes, encounters, and collaborations.

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Bitamine Faktoria

Bitamine Faktoria takes care of projects with artistic, creative, and cultural content from the first idea to the finishing stroke. Mediation, participation, and co-creation are their fundamental working tools. They think and act with a gender perspective, ensuring sustainability in the use of resources.

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The Studio & Research Residency Program

The Studio & Research Residency Program in NY awards artists from around the world with research-oriented residencies on its campus in Brooklyn. Following Amant’s aim of slowing down the art-making process, we provide artists with resources to partially support long-term research projects and archival work in NY.

#worldwide #artistsresidency #multidisciplinaryartists is an art/curatorial initiative launched in 2021, focusing on creating virtual/physical ground & open-ended curatorial frameworks, where artists can develop and show new work. 

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The Goethe-Institut promotes culture and the arts in every discipline. It provides funding to enable professional as well as newcomer and amateur artists, whether in groups or individually, to carry out projects in Germany or abroad. They also award scholarships, prizes, and fellowships. 

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Outsider Art Festival

Outsider Art Festival connects international art audiences, outsider artists, cultural professionals, and influencers. It is a multi-disciplinary showcase festival in Helsinki and online and it showcases art that is made in the marginals of society, giving power to artists to make choices and define what is outsider art.

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Freesam is a Prague-based production company. We focus on the production and post-production of independent docs and feature films and supporting contemporary art.

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Prisma (Casa de Semente) is a non-profit association dedicated to the research, creation, and dissemination of the arts based in the heart of Lisbon. Their mission is to support emerging artists from diverse creative backgrounds, helping them to develop their practice and share their work

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Fotograf Magazine 

Fotograf Magazine (CZ) is seeking new talents in photography and moving images with an open call for photo projects. Three selected projects will be published in the next printed issue of the magazine and winners will be chosen by a jury of professionals and experts in contemporary visual art.

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Der Greif

Der Greif (DE) is an award-winning contemporary photography organization. Through crowdsourcing, Der Greif brings together diverse voices and provides a platform and visibility for a range of practitioners and their works.

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Foam Talent 

Foam Talent aims to present a new wave of image-makers. The open call gives you the chance to be in the spotlight of the international photography world. Being selected as a Foam Talent recognise your artistic potential and gives you the support to jumpstart your career. 

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DongGang International Photo Festival

DongGang International Photo Festival (KR) aims to feature a quality selection of photography projects from around the world. DIPF’s open call is devoted to offering a platform and supporting photography, showcasing photography and related media from emerging and established artists.

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SAC International Curatorial Residency Program IS

SAC International Curatorial Residency Program IS 2023 is announcing an open call for proposals to choose an international curator who will be part of the Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Arts jury in 2023 and will later develop a curatorial project with a selection of Catalan artists chosen from applicants to the prize. 

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Studio Prám

Every year Studio Prám in Prague announces a residency program focused on confrontation with foreign artists. It offers residents a spacious and livable studio. There are also sanitary facilities, a kitchen, social spaces, a joinery and locksmith workshop. Thanks to the presence of local members, residents have the opportunity for rich artistic and social interaction. Residents can apply for stays of six to eight weeks. The residency concludes with an exhibition. Residents are selected based on an open call announced for the year.

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Berlin Art Institute

As an independent location for artistic practice, discourse, and research, the Berlin Art Institute makes use of the large selection of national and international artists in Berlin, generating its temporary and regular partners from this pool to make a broad and flexible program offer and individually respond to the needs of its participants.

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World of Co Artist Residency

World Of Co Online Residency is a way to reconnect with the international art community, provoke creative exchange, and expand your art practice through feedback and mutual support.

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Ponderosa is an art-centered place in the German countryside, in the village of Stolzenhagen, around an hour on the train from Berlin, close to the border with Poland in the Lower Oder Valley National Park.
In 2023 Ponderosa² continues to offer a series of self-funded, self-organized residency slots for artists, curators, dancers, writers, thinkers, choreographers, performers, and practitioners from across all disciplines.

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Pilotenkueche is an international artist residency program based in Leipzig, Germany.
The program provides opportunities for artists of various disciplines from around the world to work and collaborate in a shared space. The goal is to foster creative exploration and exchange between artists and to stimulate critical dialogue and reflection.

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Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is an exhibition and residency space in London and unique in its approach to bringing artists and their practices to the public. They support a diverse range of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists by providing them with space and time to develop their practice, network within our growing community, be mentored by team members, and crucially be introduced to their expansive network of collectors, art educators, professionals, and visitors.

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PRAKSIS is a transnational arts and culture catalyst based in Oslo, Norway.
PRAKSIS was established as a charity in 2015. They connect diverse artists, thinkers, and publics to Norway’s creative ecology via thematic programs that focus on urgent issues of our time. Dedicated to inclusivity, we seek to inspire and support artistic creation, bringing new creative networks and communities into being. 

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La Macina di San Cresci

La Macina di San Cresci is located above Greve in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany (IT), between two great cities of the Renaissance: Florence & Siena.
The Residency offers opportunities to work away from the constraints of everyday life.
The program is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual, and personal growth of emerging and established artists and share collegial interaction within a small community of artists.

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Fire Station Artists’ Studio

Fire Station Artists’ Studios residencies provide artists with secure, subsidized and self-contained living and working spaces in the heart of Dublin city. Residents at FSAS work in a wide variety of practices and go through a highly competitive selection process to be awarded a residency.

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Haus Am See

Haus am See offers a stipend and residency for international and local filmmakers who would like to produce a project in Berlin or the surrounding province, Brandenburg. 

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Takt provides a creative hub for artists who are new to Berlin, with the aim of fostering their creative energies, promoting international artistic exchange, and introducing international artists a vibrant city such as Berlin.

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SomoS is a non-commercial artist-run art space with an emphasis on interdisciplinary projects, intergenerational community, and diversity, founded in 2012.

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MOMENTUM is a non-profit platform for time-based art, active worldwide since 2010, with headquarters in Berlin at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Art Center.
The MOMENTUM Residency is dedicated to artistic research into time and temporality in visual language. Open to artists, curators, filmmakers, and writers working in a variety of media and practices, from anywhere in the world.

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