PAW TIP #05: Diverse exhibition concepts

Visit the Magnus Art Gallery, where an exhibition presenting the two-generation collection of Jan and Johan Bejšovec is currently underway. The exhibition will be on view at Sotheby’s Int. Reality, multimedia artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková has transformed an office space into an impressive gallery space, which you can visit by appointment. In The Design Gallery you can see the exhibition Fire Walk With Me, which connects the work of Blanka Němcová and Richard Nestler through the element of fire, which they both use in their work in different ways.

The Bejšovec & son exhibition at Magnus Art Gallery presents a two-generation art collection and a unique approach to collecting that follows the simple criterion of personal taste. An interesting aspect of the collection is the generational overlap. Jan Bejšovec involved his son Johan in collecting from an early age, and he now independently selects artworks at exhibitions and auctions. Visit the exhibition at Magnus Art Gallery and explore how a personal approach to collecting can create a unique and meticulously conceived collection involving two generations of collectors. You can visit the exhibition until July 13.

Multimedia artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková is now transforming the space of Sotheby’s Int. Reality on Janáček Embankment into a gallery exhibition. The graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Michael Rittstein has had countless exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. Whether it is painting, object, textile or light installation, her work with abstract forms resonates in her works. The exhibition is open by appointment and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the work of Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková and to explore her formal and conceptual approach to abstraction in non-traditional exhibition spaces.

Until October, the exhibition Fire Walk With Me, curated by Romana Drdová, takes place at The Design Gallery, bringing together the works of two artists – Blanka Němcová and Richard Nestler. Both artists are united by their fascination with the natural element of fire, which is key to their work. Blanka Němcová is a ceramic artist and her works stand out for their unique textures and shapes, which are created thanks to the high temperatures during firing. Richard Nestler, a painter graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, connects the inner world view with the development of civilization in his large-scale drawings. He creates imaginary landscapes that are outside of the designated time and space. Come and discover the unique connection of two artistic approaches through the element of fire. The Design Gallery, focused on contemporary Czech conceptual art, is part of a design shop with a curated selection of designer glass, ceramics, jewelry, fashion accessories and collectibles from renowned designers.