Here’s another tip for an event you definitely shouldn’t miss. On Thursday, 13 July 2023, the international art festival Re-connect Art will be launched and will enliven the streets of Prague until 30 July. It will allow residents and visitors to Prague’s public spaces to encounter Czech and international contemporary art – with installations, live performances and multimedia works. This year’s third edition, subtitled “The Virtual Body of Society”, will focus on exploring how the digital layer of life affects the functioning of communities on a local and global scale.

The festival presents the work of established and internationally renowned artists as well as representatives of the younger generation, and provides perspectives from many different backgrounds of the world art scene. The participating artists include VestAndPage, Armando Rotondi and Guy Bar-Amotz, Sharona Florsheim, Marie Tučková, Tereza Kerle, Markéta Kinterová, Michal Kindernay, Anneliek Nieuwland, Mothers Artlovers, Martina Chudá, Yasmin Goldshani, Shadi Harouni, Karíma Al-Mukhtarová, among others.

Viewers will be able to see the works within walking distance on three main routes, including the following locations: the piazzetta of the National Theatre; Dům u Kamenného Zvonu, GHMP;  náplavka Hořejší nábřeží a kobka 17; (A)VOID Gallery na Rašínově nábřeží; Veletržní palác, NGP;  galerie Skautského institutu; Kampus Hybernská; divadlo X10; OC Quadrio and more.

The festival’s accompanying programme will offer workshops, performative lectures, open-air screenings of a selection of video art works with authorial and curatorial commentaries. Public debates will open a discussion on the role of artificial intelligence and the latest technologies in art and in our lives from the perspective of scientists, artists, publicists and others.