What themes resonate across the current exhibitions in Prague galleries? We have more tips for you on contemporary art exhibitions, this time reflecting the theme of man and his relationship to his environment and other animal species. At the Kuzebauch gallery you can visit Lars Widenfalk’s sculpture exhibition Facing Time, which reflects on the relationship of man to his living space across time, through the inspiration of ancient myths. The hunt kastner hosts the exhibition Gastro Guilt by Daniela & Linda Dostálkovy, which illustrates the material and symbolic relationship to the food industry and gastronomy through a series of new photographic works. In the NoD Gallery you can visit the group exhibition Niche Construction, which draws on non-human perspectives in an interdisciplinary dialogue between art and biology.

Lars Widenfalk – Facing Time
Galerie Kuzebauch
26. 7. – 08. 9. 2023

Swedish sculptor Lars Widenfalk is one of those who have succeeded in continuing the tradition of figurative work. His sculptures are fragments of heads and bodies reminiscent of sacred artefacts fished out of the wrecks of long-forgotten ships. And the word fragment is important for their understanding – their incompleteness invites the imagination. While Widenfalk creates a scene that seduces towards the ruins, it offers clues. Beyond that, however, he reveals nothing. His approach is almost archaeological – he has to work out what lies beneath the stone. In the exhibited works, he brings the gaze back to man and his relationship to the living space.

Daniela & Linda Dostálková: Gastro Guilt
hunt kastner
20. 7. – 02. 9. 2023
Caroline Krzyszton

Daniela & Linda Dostálková’s work often explores the complex issues faced by animal defenders, the persuasive strategies of their campaigns and the visual language they draw on. They seek to provide the viewer with the most open interpretation to allegorise the concept of universal consideration of non-human species. In this new series of works, the artists focus on our complex relationship with the food industry. The Gastro Guilt series aims to present a lyrical, yet stylized and cool impression of the contemporary foodservice industry. The flawless compositions refer to highly mechanized and hygienic production processes, behind which we find a disturbing view of industrial food production that appears as a utopia closely linked to our daily diet.

Niche Construction
25. 7. – 14. 9. 2023

NoD Gallery
Artists: Gerard Ortin Castellvi, Shezad Dawood, Pilar Mata Dupont, Andro Eradze, Martin Netočný, Andrey Shental, Adam Vačkář

Biologists: Vojtěch Abrahám, Martin Adámek, Jindřich Brejcha, Kristýna Eliášová, Roman Figura, Petr Tureček, Martin Weiser

Curators: Adam Vačkář and Jindřich Brejcha / Transparent Eyeball

The exhibition Niche Construction focuses on the interdisciplinary dialogue between art and biology, two diametrically opposed systems of knowledge, as well as the Transparent Eyeball platform of the exhibition’s curators, artist Adam Vačkář and biologist Jindřich Brejcha. The interest in interdisciplinary collaboration arose from the mutual need to bring the deeper biological processes shaping not only human nature and the nature of the near and distant environment we inhabit closer to the general public. The exhibition includes works by Czech and foreign artists – their work is presented in the Czech Republic for the first time ever. The artists, in the form of a moving image, and the biologists, in the form of a text, jointly address specific natural processes behind which humans are responsible.