This time we bring you more tips for exhibitions from outside the Prague galleries. Combine a visit to the gallery with a trip and discover new and ambitious exhibition spaces, such as the Pekelné sáně Gallery in Kroměříž, EPO1 in Trutnov or the Sculpture Park and Castle in Bechyně.

Sculpture park and contemporary art at Bechyně Castle
curator: Lucie Drdová
5. 6 – 30. 9. 2023

Together with her sister Silvia, Nicole Stava runs the company Panství Bechyně and also develops exhibition projects that focus on introducing the leading international names of contemporary art to the Czech public. At Bechyně Castle, you can visit a contemporary art exhibition created in collaboration with the curator Lucie Drdová and the world gallery Continua. It presents the works of Czech and foreign artists. The exhibition in the sculpture park and in the historic granary building emphasizes themes connecting art with the contemporary reality of the world around us. It presents artists such as Elmgreen & Dragset, Bosco Sodi, Erwin Wurm, Chen Zhen, Tereza Štětinová, Jiří Kovanda and others.

Contemporary Art Center EPO1
Power Post Station
23. 5 – 3. 11. 2023
curator: Jan Kudrna

In Trutnov, you can visit the Power Post Station Exhibition in the new Center for Contemporary Art EPO1 until November 3rd. The exhibition reflects energy conversions in contemporary visual art. The central motif of the Power Post Station exhibition is the capture, display and certain naming of energy, its flow or transformation. Here, energy is not reduced to just “electricity” – it represents a complex value that is an integral part of practically all processes, beings, organisms and systems. The exhibition mediates the speeches of the authors, which clearly and purposefully capture the essence of the regularity of energy present in many shapes and forms. At the same time, you can also visit the Volume exhibition and take a look at the EPO1 collection called Fresh Power – motifs and tendencies of the youngest domestic sculpture generation.

Pekelné sáně Gallery

Karima Al-Mukhtarová, Radka Bodzewicz
All the Whole

Jakub Nepraš
Spirit of the Place

Karolína Netolická

7. 7 – 24. 9. 2023
Curator: Michal Stolárik

Another tip is the new Gallery Pekelné sáně in Kroměříž, which has three exhibition spaces in which 12 exhibitions will take place during the year. Now you can visit the exhibition of Karima Al-Mukhtarová and Radka Bodzewicz here until September 24. Although both are dedicated to a wide range of techniques and media, the exhibition connection does not limit their conceptual concepts or different visual expressions. They naturally support each other and create a harmonious and functional whole, which opens up new possibilities for reading individual works. At the same time, you can also visit the solo exhibitions of Jakub Nepraš, which presents the author’s characteristic work Spirit of the Place (2010), and Karolína Netolická, which is a selection of the author’s works from the last two years.