Superstudio PAW 22: ART COLLECTING

ART COLLECTING – Wednesday, September 14, 18:00 – 20:00
Program in Czech, capacity 100 people, booking HERE

The third evening segment, which is dedicated to art investment and art collecting, will discuss perspectives on how to deal with physical artifacts but also artworks in the increasingly used digital environment.


How do Czech art collectors make decisions when buying artworks, how much do they buy them for, to what extent do they perceive art as an investment, and what is their relationship to digital art? These are not the only questions that will be answered by the presentation of the main conclusions of a unique survey conducted by J&T Bank and the expert website Matyáš Kodl from Galerie Kodl and will talk about the trends and specifics of selling art via internet platforms. René Rohan from the Artefin gallery and investment fund will talk about the NFT market and its further development. The House of Lobkowicz already uses NFT technology in its collections, and William Rudolf Lobkowicz will share his experiences with this tool. Filip Čabart from Havel & Partners will discuss the legal protection of works in the digital environment and the tax implications of investing in art in the digital environment. The panel discussion will be moderated by Jan Stuchlík, editor-in-chief of

Wednesday’s program will end with a musical set by musician Mary Nguyen (Mor Wen) in the piazzetta of the New Stage of the National Theatre, which will run until 10 p.m. Throughout the evening there will be a gastro corner with refreshments.


4th photo: NFT competition ARTEFIN gallery, work Magna Mutatio Natron by Kryštof Brůha