Have a look at the photo gallery from Superstudio PAW23 21. 9. 2023, 11:00 – 18:00,

photo documentation by Jakub Červenka

The program of conferences for professionals in the Superstudio will consist of four thematic blocks—Art Reflection, Art Career, Art Service, and Art Collecting—which will later be available to watch YouTube and on the festival website. Viewers will have the opportunity to see how successful international projects are organized by art professionals, listen to a discussion about issues related to the art trade and counterfeiting, learn about the life of internationally renowned Czech artist Magdalena Jetelová and the work of Tadeáš Podhradský, and get acquainted with the visions of art collectors Kateřina Havrlant and Pavlína Pudil. Selected works by Jiří Matějů and Lukáš Rais will also be on display.

Superstudio is organized by PAW in cooperation with the National Gallery Prague.

Admission to the lecture blocks is only possible with a PASS reservation within PASS PAW 23. For more information, please contact



21. 9. 2023, 11.00 – 12.00 


In an open debate among professionals, we look for ways to collaborate across disciplines, to share resources, knowledge, and processes in collaborative projects, networking groups, festivals, and shows across creative industries worldwide. Last year we created NET, now it’s time to PLAN_T! The discussion of professionals will be led by Jen Kratochvil, Tjasa Pogačar and guests Francis Ruyter, Bori Szalai a Camille Hunt.

(Discussion partner – SUMO Prague; media partner – Art Antiques)



21. 9. 2023, 14.00 – 15.00 


How do the great figures of the visual arts grow? How do they plan their projects? What do they gamble on? And in what direction do they mature? Artists with an international reach talk openly about where their careers are taking them and how they are shaped by collaborations with major institutions and galleries around the world. Magdalena Jetelová in an interview with Lenka Bakes and Tadeáš Podracký in an interview with Ján Gajdušek will be followed by dialog with Michal NOvotný the director of Art Collection after 1945 at the NGP.

(Partner of the block – Havrlant Art Collection; partner of the block National Gallery Prague, media partner – VOGUE CS)


21. 9. 2023, 15.00 – 16.00 


How is art traded in our country? How do works of art get into circulation? Who determines their provenance? Where does the market for fakes flourish? And what protection does legal legislation provide? The experts will discuss the issue of the authenticity of works and the buying and selling of old and modern art on the secondary market.

(Discussion partners – KODL Gallery, Trinity Art Research, Havel & Partners, National Gallery Prague; media partner – Art +)



21. 9. 2023, 17.00 – 18.00 


Is art a fateful love, a hobby, or an investment? In an interview with Karolina Brichtová (Collectors Circle community at UBS), leading Czech collectors and patrons Kateřina Havrlant from Havrlant Art Collection and Pavlína Pudil from the Pudil Family Foundation will discuss their art activities and assets.

(Discussion partners – UBS, EduArt Experience; media partner – Art Antiques)

Karolina Brichtová manages the Collectors Circle community at UBS. As a manager, she has diverse experience in private and public art institutions in the Czech Republic, Sweden, the UK and Switzerland and focuses on raising awareness and facilitating engagement on art-related topics.

UBS has long supported contemporary art and artists. The firm owns one of the most important corporate art collections in the world and seeks to advance the international conversation about the art market through its global partnership with Art Basel and as co-editor of the “Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report.” UBS also supports some of the world’s most important art institutions, events and fairs, including PRAGUE ART WEEK 23).



Selected works by Jiří Matějů and Lukáš Rais will be on display in the Superstudio.

The presentation of Jiří Matějů’s works has been prepared by the Artefin Gallery. The exhibition of the Sirius sculpture was supported by the Odkolekce collection and refers to the monumental realisation Trichodon, which is part of it.


Jiří Matějů (1960) develops a distinctive version of geometric abstraction and in currently one of its most distinctive Czech representatives. He considers his paintings to be “optical metaphors”, while he understands the concept as “some concrete experience that is abstracted into something intuitive”. His work is based on reality, on his own life experiences, sensations and knowledge that, through the transmission of of mutual similarity of meanings, he transforms them into a geometric abstract form. An equally important creative position of Jiří Matějů are figurative reliefs in the form of crumpled paper, in which the artist studies the structures of asymmetrical symmetry, which can be observed, for example, on the water surface, composed of an infinite number of small waves. Five of these large-scale reliefs have been selected for the exhibition.


Lukáš Rais (1975) is a representative of a generation of Czech sculptors, who entered the art scene at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The author uses iron and old cisterns as his basic material, metal lamp stands, but mainly various pipes and tubes. Purely utilitarian objects he transforms – and essentially recycles – into monumental sculptures and objects that become part of the public space, architecture and landscape. “They have something encoded in them that is also close to people, …who otherwise do not seek out contemporary art, especially abstract art. Above all They are beautiful,” reflects art theorist Petr Volf in the text for Rais’s monograph. As part of the opening of the PAW23 festival, the artist presented one of his most complicated objects, sculptures called Sirius and Archimedes.